vintage furniture and home decor

modern . deco . industrial . cottage

(mostly) american pottery . china . glass

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Unique and often one of a kind, my eye for home decor will sometimes stretch the lines between an intended use, and a created one. (I can't help it....I see beauty in rusty, crusty, rotten and forgotten)

Vintage Furniture

Pottery China And Glass

Savannah Hope Vintage

I have an endless fascination with the painstaking process of creating the intricate patterns and designs on antique and vintage linens. Hours and hours of patience and thought go into these sometimes forgotten pieces of history.

Vintage Linens

Home Decor

Ive collected many patterns of American Pottery China and Glass over the years. Those collections are long gone now but my love for the craftsmanship and design of these wares remains.

Despite an obvious focus on mid century modern, art deco, industrial and cottage chic my furniture collection will always be a fun mix of unique pieces, well priced.